Dorm vacation for some during break

Victoria Mercado, Staff Writer

Many students look forward to going home for Spring break to get home-cooked meal or go on a trip, but some students plan to stay on campus.

Senior education major Susie Rhodes is to stay on campus over the week for student teaching.

“You are allowed to take that week off if you choose to, but I rather stay in the classroom for that week and be done a week earlier to work on my portfolio for graduation,” she said.

Student teaching is not the only reason for someone to stay on campus.  Freshman Matt Casagrande is planning to stay to spend time with a friend.

“It’s my choice to stay because it would be a great experience to be on campus with only one of my friends for the whole week,” he said.

Casagrande and his friend plan to play video games and watch sporting events.

The university offices and buildings are to stay open during spring break except for March 14, in observance of spring holiday.

Senior Luke Trotz plans to stay on campus over the spring break.

“I am a local student, I have all my belongings on campus,” he said.

“Because all my stuff is on campus, I won’t get anything done at home,” Trotz said.

Trotz said he lives 15 minutes from campus.

Being so close to home, Trotz can go home for dinner, see his dogs for the evening and return to campus.

Another reason for Trotz to stay is all the work he plans to do on campus.

He is to work in the Student Government office and for different departments on campus.

Trots recruited his friend sophomore Phil Bachman, to help out.

“I want to stay and help Trotz out with painting the (student government) office,” Bachman said.

He plans to work on a project in his fraternity house as well.