Students to travel to Pitt Day at capital

Victoria Mercado, Contributing Writer

The opportunity for students to talk to their legislators has been scheduled.  On March 18, transportation is to be provided for students to go to Harrisburg for Pitt Day.

All the Pittsburgh campuses and alumni have been invited to spend the day in the capital to meet with legislators and discuss concerns.  Lunch is to be provided along with a reception.

Real World Action Program and Student Life Director, Sherri Rae said Pitt Day is a chance to get Pitt’s voice heard in the state capital.

Interested students can sign up through campus services and must also sign up on Pitt-Oakland’s website.

Mark Stephens said he experienced Pitt Day a couple of years ago with people who are now alumni.  He said they went to see whether they could persuade legislators to increase the higher-education funding.

Stephens said he is close friends with State Sen. John Wozniak, D-Johnstown, and state Reps.  Gary Haluska, Frank Burns and Bryan Barbin.

He spent the day with the representatives and also had a chance to witness a debate between the Republicans and Democrats.

The debate was about a new law.  The Republicans wanted to pass a law that requiring an I.D. to vote.  Stephens said he found the debate interesting.

“Even if students think what they say doesn’t matter, I highly recommend students go to meet their representatives,” Stephens said.

He also said he thinks Harrisburg has one of the most beautiful state capitals in the country and has amazing artwork.  He said he plans on going again.

Student Government President, Noam Berns, has never been to Pitt Day and hopes to attend in March.  He said he wants to see what the legislators have to say and plans to learn more about state funding.

There is no clear head count right now on students going to the event.

“We would like more participation than previous years,” Rae said.