Students prepare for the future at fair

Students prepare for the future at fair

Pitt-Johnstown seniors Stephen Torquato and Kaitlin Mays provide information to student Molly Ager about the history program.

Kaitlin Greenockle, Copy Editor

For the first time since 2008, the Pitt- Johnstown career services personnel held a majors and minors fair. The fair was set up for students who are undeclared, looking for minors or interested in declaring a major.

Academic advisers and upperclassmen representing 25 majors were present. The fair was set up so that students could comfortably approach advisers and older students to ask questions about programs that struck their interest.

Career Services Director Penny Suwak was in charge of the event.

“It’s a good idea, and we felt the implementation would be beneficial to our students,” she said.

Freshman pre-med major Zeke Drake came to the fair knowing that he wanted to change his major.

“I had to come because of my University Scholarship class, but I found it helpful since I want to change my major to biology,” he said.

Planning the event took a lot of effort from Academic Success Center and UPJ staff, Suwak said.  In order for the event to be successful, faculty arranged their schedules and prepared information on their major to give students, according to Suwak.

Academic Success Center staff was in charge of publicizing the event, specifically to undeclared students.

“We were very fortunate to have many people encouraging their students to attend and learn more about their potential major and minor choices,” Suwak said.

Freshman business management major Armando McNary attended the fair because it was a requirement for his University Scholarship class.

“I was able to get some information on social sciences, and I’m still keeping an open mind about my major, maybe even a minor,” McNary said.

One of the many majors featured at the fair was nursing. Nursing program coordinator Diana Schroeder was at the nursing table to talk to interested students.

Some of the resources she provided were course requirements, career opportunities and photographs of Pitt- Johnstown nursing classes and skills labs.

Sophomore biology major Brianna Kearny attended the fair in hopes of finding a minor.

“It was very helpful. I was able to get a list of requirements for each possible minor I can take,” Kearny said.

She said that the fair provided her with minor options so that she can decide which best suits her.

Suwak said that the fair had a great turn-out, and students took advantage of the opportunities to learn. The majors and minors fair will continue to be a yearly event, according to Suwak.