Sodexo is promoting healthy portions

Sodexo is promoting healthy portions

Students Nick Bambino (left) and Jordan Lock fill their plates in the Pitt-Johnstown Student Union cafeteria.

Kaitlin Greenockle, Copy Editor

Eating healthy in college may seem unlikely, but Sodexo managers are trying to change that at Pitt-Johnstown.

The managers have implemented a program that they say will improve food healthiness.

Meal options with entrées that fill the plate with less than 600 calories are to be offered with more vegetables, fruits, whole grains and less fat, according to a Sodexo brochure.

The plate will be reduced to a smaller size, so that students are encouraged to eat only 600 calories.

Desserts of 200 calories or less also are to be offered.

Junior nursing major Catherine Anderson said this change will be good.

“I eat a lot, so smaller plates might help me portion my meals out better so I’m not stuffed, but satisfied,” Anderson said.

Sodexo managers also are planning to use cooking methods that use less fat such as poaching, steaming and grilling, along with using only vegetable-based oils.

Cooks are to reduce the amount of salt used, too.

While they reduce the salt, they will be increasing herbs and spices to add flavor.

In addition, Sodexo employees are to increase the variety of fruits and vegetables. Turkey burgers are to be offered alongside the traditional beef burgers.

Student Government foods chair Nolan McGuire said he thinks the changes are good.

“There is always room for improvement, but we are headed in the right direction,” McGuire said.

Nolan said the changes will show a positive outcome as long as Sodexo managers advertise it well.

For example, the cafeteria is to have icons at each station promoting the healthier choices and giving nutritional information.

Nolan said he believes students will be happy with the changes. Students are to be welcome to go back for seconds and eat as much as they would like.

Sophomore communication major Victoria Mercado said she is happy about the changes and that they are definitely an improvement.

“I think it’s important that schools make healthy foods,” she said.

Senior biology major and Sodexo employee Colby Zimmerman said that it’s a good thing to have an overall healthy campus.

“When I have the time to eat in the cafeteria, I try to eat the healthier items as long as it’s something I like,” Colby said.

“Now it seems like that will be easier for me.”