Blackington 24-hour lab to stay open

Eden Cohen, Copy Editor

For the past two years, Blackington Hall has been kept open as a 24-hour computer lab for students.

The arrangement was requested by the Student Government Association as a place for students to be able to work and have access to computers and printers, no matter what time of day or night.

Some students, like senior Andrew Westwood, heard that the 24-hour lab service was going to be moved to the library’s bottom floor.

Other students figured that Blackington’s hours were cut back due to a small amount of interest.

According to Information Technology Associate Vice President Jeff Sernell, the 24-hour lab is here to stay.

He confirmed that the lab is to remain open in the upcoming year.

Technical Service Coordinator Ralph Miller said that there was summer discussion of transferring the service to the Owen Library basement, but the discussion never resulted in action.

Miller said that although Blackington is open 24 hours, it is not, and never was, open 24/7.

Blackington Hall is closed from 5 p.m. Friday to 9 a.m. Sunday every week, Miller said.

When the student government requested a 24-hour lab for students, they figured that too few students would use the lab to be worth keeping open during that time, especially with the library open most of Saturday, according to Sernell.

Sophomore Emily McClymonds said she finds the 24-hour lab useful.

“I normally just come here to study,” McClymonds said. “I’ll stay as long as I need to.”

McClyomds said she knows a lot of nursing students utilize Blackington, especially before exams.

Seniors Ryan Tatrai and Andrew Westwood have been working in the Information Technology Department at Blackington for three years.

Both agreed that the service was worthwhile.

“Blackington is a useful resource to students, especially to access the Internet,” Tatrai said. “The wireless Internet is spotty in some parts of campus, so it is convenient for students to have a way to access the Internet.”

Westwood said, although the 24-hour lab is not used much this early in the year, the traffic through Blackington picks up distinctly around finals and midterms.