Couple dangles love from trees

Couple dangles love from trees

Erin Suppes and Kevin Pribulsky relax in their hammock April 4.

Trevor Monk, Circulation Director

While finding comfort and warmth under  a cozy green fleece blanket, a Pitt-Johnstown couple lay suspended in a dark blue hammock getting a head-start on the warm weather.

On April 4, Freshmen Erin Suppes and Kevin Pribulsky found relaxing refuge in a portable hammock while nestling close together to combat a chill spring air.

The couple hung the hammock between two trees between the Pasquerilla Performing Arts Center and the Living Learning Center, giving students and staff a reason to smile as they passed.

Suppes said you do not need a reason to lay in a hammock. They are a relaxing and comfortable way to enjoy someone’s company.

“We are trying to rush spring. When the sun is out, we are out,” Suppes said.

Suppes said she first sighted the location to hang the hammock last fall, and, with the warm weather quickly approaching, she and Pribulsky decided to take advantage of the noticeably warm weather and Pitt-Johnstown’s unique environment.

Suppes is employed at Outdoor Odyssey, a local summer camp, and uses her hammock to relax and sleep in while camping.

Suppes said these types of hammocks are surprisingly comfortable to sleep in, easy to set up and relatively inexpensive.

“All you need is the hammock, slap straps and two trees that sit close together and provide the proper angle to rest comfortably,” Suppes said.

The couple both said they can’t wait for the warm weather to come and stay.