Golgonooza students to fill many roles

Golgonooza students to fill many roles

Ceige Jones (left) and Maria Carnevali rehearse for their Golgonooza roles March 28 in Biddle Hall.

Kylee Whistler, Copy Editor

UPJ students are working hard in preparation for this year’s Golgonooza theater performance.

Written, directed and performed by students, this year’s participants said the annual festival is to be better than previous years thanks to new direction from theater professor John Teacher.

Creative writing and theater major Kevin Keen said he believes this year’s Golgonooza is more organized.

“We’re under good direction this year.”

According to theater major Daniel Freeman, Teacher instituted new rules this year due to too much confusion during last year’s performance.

“Teacher’s focus is to make Golgonooza more hands-on and oriented toward training for certain fields of theater.”

Senior Cliff Maloney said he also believes Golgonooza will be more successful this year because of Teacher.

“I am very excited to have professor Teacher in his role this year. His technical design is top notch and a true asset to the department.”

Auditions were held March 6 and 7, and the directors, who were chosen based on email proposals, selected members for their casts.

Freeman is directing “Gaybourhood,” written by creative writing major Ann Snook.

“Gaybourhood,” is about a closeted gay male and a straight woman who share an apartment. Drama ensues when his parents drop in,” Snook said.

Freeman chose his cast based on chemistry.

“From a director’s standpoint, cast chemistry is one of the first things you need to figure out,” he said.

Keen is directing “Finding the End,” written by creative writing major Collin Murr.

According to Murr, his play is about a writer who goes to drastic lengths to find the perfect ending to his novel.

Keen said he chose to direct this play because it had the most character depth, the deepest plot and is well-written.

“It’s great to transform someone’s work into a show,” he said. “It’s great to work with a cast of such high caliber.

“Just in general, it’s a great experience.”

Theater major Gabbi Hertzog wrote one of the winning plays and is directing another.

Hertzog is directing “Friends Like These,” written by Doug McGlynn.

“‘Friends Like These’ is about a bartender and a waitress who work together. They decide to trick the first person who comes in, and that’s pretty much exactly what they do,” she said.

She said she chose her cast based on who had good comedic timing.

Her play, “A Bedtime Story,” is directed by Maloney, who has been prominent in the theater department.

“I chose to direct ‘A Bedtime Story’ because I love the type of comedy Gabbi uses in the show. I also see the need for a ‘pop up story-book’ feel as a challenge, and I look forward to tackling it,” Maloney said.

“A Bedtime Story” is based on the children’s tale “The Three Little Pigs,” but it is not what you would expect, Hertzog said.

“Golgonooza is an experience. It stands aside from the actual department shows because it’s a time for us to let go and have fun with fellow students, whether they are theater folks or not.

“It truly is an enjoyable experience that I recommend all students partake in,” Maloney said.

Golgonooza is to be performed at 7:30 April 16 and 17 in the Pasquerilla Performing Arts Center. It is free to attend, however, donations are accepted.