Mr. UPJ can roll, sing and dance

Mr. UPJ can roll, sing and dance

Alpha Gamma Delta Sisters hosted the Mr. UPJ competition and congratulated winner Brian Kriston.

Amstrid Gomez, Copy Editor

Wobbling his way into the judges’ hearts, senior Brian Kriston won the Mr. UPJ pageant Thursday.

“I didn’t expect it. I was overcome with joy,” said Kriston. “I don’t even know what to do right now. This is awesome.”

Kriston was first approached by Kappa Zeta sisters to be his sponsor, but later was approached by Dance Ensemble members. He chose to be sponsored by Dance Ensemble so fellow contestant Zach Perpetua could be sponsored by Kappa Zeta.

The pageant consists of four categories; Formalwear, sportswear, talent, and interview.

Judge and communication professor Kristen Majocha said that she looked for style and effort in the participants. Although the event is fun, she also said the contestants should take it seriously since the event is a fundraiser.

Another judge, Campus and Civil Engagement Director Shaun Hemphill said that he looked for personality and spunk.

Kriston was able to stand out from the 10 other participants and impress the judges with his roller-blading, singing and dancing skills.

For sportswear, Kriston showed the audience lacrosse moves while on rollerblades.

“I’m on the lacrosse team, and I decided to add rollerblading because I like it.”

For the talent competition Kriston sang F.U.N’s “Some Nights”. He also danced to Psy’s “Gagnam Style” and V.I.C’s “Wobble” with help from some Dance Ensemble members.

“I love music and singing, so I thought I would show that off.”

He said the dances were mainly choreographed by Dance Ensemble members Amanda Mudgett and Elena Matthews, and also that Megan Girimonti made the music mix.

Kriston said he recommends participating in Mr. UPJ.

“It’s nerve-wracking, but a lot of fun.”

Senior Matt Ziance was the first-runner up. Ziance showed the audience his pingpong skills during the sportswear competition. For the talent portion, Ziance gave an inspirational speech, which urged students to become more involved on campus.

Senior Zach Perpetua won the Spirit Award, which was determined by the public in a Penny Wars challenge. The challenge winner is determined by the contestant who collected the highest number of pennies through donation and the least amount of silver change.

“(Kappa Zeta sisters) were very supportive of me; they took money to the bank and got rolls of pennies. I also asked members of other organizations and friends to donate pennies.”

Perpetua said he wanted to be a Mr. UPJ contestant since his freshman year. He has helped with it in the past by preforming with Dance Ensemble, and helping Sigma Tau Gamma brothers in the competition.

Junior Glenice Anderson said that Perpetua was the first person in a while to come up positive in the Penny Wars with $13.60.

Anderson was the 2013 Mr. UPJ Coordinator. She said that planning is nearly a yearlong event.

“We start planning for the next year a few days after the show. Everything starts getting put together in November. During the second semester we start sending out fliers and getting sponsors and contestants so we can start rehearsals.”

She said that, though the process is long, it is a lot of fun to plan.

Anderson said they don’t know how much money was made from this year’s event, but, normally, it’s around $2,000.