Better advertising suggested for events

Brianne Fleming, Opinions Editor

Although Pitt-Johnstown Programming Board members are flooding the Student Union with fliers and signs, some students say they are unaware of campus events.

Pitt-Johnstown freshman Ben Grieco said he thinks Programming Board members could do a better job of spreading the word about student events.

“I think they could use email to let people know what is going on,” Grieco said. “Also, if events were planned far enough ahead, we could have a monthly schedule put in everyone’s mailbox.”

Grieco said, although he has seen fliers, posters and signs for events, he was interested in a ski trip and was not aware of it until the day before.

“It is important that they do a good job (of spreading the word about campus events) because there are a lot of people looking for something to do besides partying or sitting around on campus,” he said.

Grieco said, when he attended “The Dark Knight Rises” movie showing, the members running it asked whether any of the students would be interested in returning to a similar event.

“But I never heard anything about that happening again,” he said.

Programming Board Advertising and Marketing Committee Co-Chairman Briana Mort said most campus-event advertising can be found in the Student Union.

“We have been making paper fliers to hang on the walls, big banners to hang in the Student Union and writing on a dry erase board to display in the union,” Mort said. “We also have a Twitter and Facebook that we post every event on.”

Mort said attendance at campus events varies.

“Some events definitely attract more than others,” she said. “We already use social media and hang fliers everywhere. There is not much more that we can do to attract more students.”

Mort said students who attend these events could try inviting more of their friends, who then, she hopes, will invite even more students.

Programming Board Weekend Activities Committee Co-Chairman Kate Williams said it is hard to grab the student body’s attention.

“We have issues getting high attendance (at weekend events),” Williams said. “Getting the word out to the student body is difficult…or people just don’t pay attention.”