Lucky dog finds a warm fire hall home


Brianne Fleming, Opinions Editor

After being rescued by Richland Township firefighters, Lucky the firedog has earned his name by developing a loving family at the Scalp Avenue fire station.

Richland Township Fire Department Lieutenant and Fun Development Officer Rob Hudson said Lucky was rescued about two months ago from woods in the township’s Mine 37 area.

Hudson said firefighters spotted the dog and attempted to catch him when they were called to take care of a fire.

“They came back and looked for him for three hours after that,” he said.

Hudson said the firefighters who rescued the dog hid him in the fire station for a couple weeks.

“It’s great to see these tough guys drop what they are doing to rescue a dog and risk getting in trouble for hiding him,” he said. “These men deserve a lot of admiration.”

Hudson said, although they are not planning to give Lucky any rescue training, the Richland Township Fire Department crew has grown attached to their new companion.

“He is very well-trained for such a chaotic place,” he said. “He really listens well when he needs to.”

Hudson said the firefighters consider the 1-year-old dog not only a pet, but a mascot for the fire hall.

Hudson said community members donated food and money when they found out about the rescued dog.

“People donated food, and a local company paid for his first vet visit,” he said. “We can’t say, ‘thank you’ to them enough.

“The dog lives at the fire station along with other members of our Firefighter Resident Program.”

Richland Township Fire Department Sergeant Kyle Paul is a member of the resident program and was one of the men who rescued Lucky.

“He’s adorable,” Paul said. “We had to go back for him.”

Paul said the dog was instantly sociable when they came across him, and has remained friendly ever since.