Sisters search for associate members

Sisters search for associate members

Women interested in sorority life attend Phi Sigma Sigma’s Round 1 Interest Party to get acquainted with current members.

Kylee Whistler, Contributing Writer

Pitt-Johnstown sororities have begun searching for new members.

Four sororities _ Alpha Gamma Delta, Alpha Sigma Alpha, Kappa Zeta and Phi Sigma Sigma _ began their searches the week of Jan. 8.

Phi Sigma Sigma members kicked off the recruitment process Jan. 8 with an interest party.

President Katie Dalzell said sorority sisters look for potential members who are outgoing and have an interest in the sorority. The sisters eventually vote to fill their 45-member limit.

Phi Sigma Sigma member Lindsay Crouse said she chose the sorority that was best for her.

“I was looking for a sorority that fit my personality, and, when I went to Phi Sigma Sigma’s interest party, I fell in love with the girls and everything about the sorority,” said Crouse. “It was a great fit for me.”

Alpha Sigma Alpha sisters also had their get-acquainted party Jan. 8.

Alpha Sigma Alpha members eventually choose their new sisters through a point process. Those looking to join are required to attend at least two interest parties.

According to President Star Cherry, the sorority offers friendships that are closer than others.

Kappa Zeta members had their interest party Jan. 9.

“Joining a sorority improves your grades, social life, and leadership skills,” President Chelsea Bowser said. “It all-around improves you as a person.”

Bowser said Kappa Zeta looks for members who have a desire to improve themselves and those who are academically driven and uphold the sorority’s common values.

Alpha Gamma Delta’s interest party also was held Jan. 9.

Alpha Gamma Delta chooses members who fit, according to President Elena Matthews. Prospective members are asked to fill out an information sheet with their interests and activities.

The sisters are looking for prospective members who are devoted, comfortable and fall in love with the sorority.

A second round of interest parties were held last week.

All sororities require members to have a minimum grade-point average. Phi Sigma Sigma also requires members to participate in two student organizations.

A common encouragement among the four sororities is that prospective members visit all sororities to find their best fit.

“Go to all interest parties that sororities are having,” said Crouse. “It’s a great way to meet people and see if Greek life is right for you.”

Jan. 22 is to begin a round of invitation-only parties. Offers to join are to be expected Jan. 25.