Laundry wars tumbling out of control

Laundry wars tumbling out of control

Living learning center laundry room displays “out of order” postings as laundry machines have been out of order for extended periods.

Olivia Hutchinson, Editor-in-Chief

With the popularity of television shows such as “CupCake Wars,” “Whale Wars” and “Storage Wars,” UPJ might be able to serve as a setting for: Laundry Wars.

Sophomore Juliana Campbell, who lives in Heather Lodge, said trouble with getting laundry done on campus starts with finding a machine not in use.

“There are hardly any washers ever open and the fact that there are only two washers and two dryers at the bottom of (Acacia Lodge) and Heather Lodge definitely makes it a war trying to get it done,” Campbell said.

Junior Lindsey Matson, who lives in Timberline Townhouse, said timing plays a role in getting her laundry done.

“Since finding an empty machine is always an issue, I get up at 6 a.m. to do my laundry, which is never fun,” Matson said.

Dealing with people who fail to promptly move their laundry from a washer into a dryer is also something Matson said she encounters.

“I hate when other people touch my stuff, so I always try to make sure I am there on time, and I expect the same of others,” Matson said.

“Sadly, this is rarely the case. I typically will wait 10 minutes just because I don’t want to touch other people’s stuff, but, if they don’t show up after that, I will move it.”

Campbell said fights can break out due to unavailable machines.

“There should be just as many washers and dryers available like in the freshmen dorms,” said Campbell. “People end up getting very edgy and upset with other people touching their things to use a machine.”

One way to help make the process easier is to be conscious of the time on the machines you’re using, Campbell said.

“I always make a timer on my phone for when my laundry will be done because I don’t want other people touching my stuff, but I don’t have a problem taking other people’s stuff out if it has been sitting there for a while.”

Matson said the process is frustrating for all the students.

“There just aren’t enough washers and dryers available, and I’m not sure if this matters, but it gets really hot in all the laundry rooms too and that makes me grouchy so it might to others, too,” said Matson.

Conference and auxiliary services director Joyce Radovanic said Friday she did not have all the information available yet to comment on the determining factor in the washer and dryer ratio for students on campus.