Men’s dance for dollars raises $300

Olivia Hutchinson, Editor-in-Chief

With lights dimming and music blasting, Sigma Tau Gamma fraternity brothers gyrated their hips and danced half-naked on stage in front of a crowd of 45 women to raise money for their fraternity and for breast cancer.

As the men danced to songs on stage, women were allowed to donate cash to a dancer of their choice.

Event creator Bill Rush said the fraternity was able to raise $300 at their Chip N’ Dale fundraiser.

“A small portion of the money is going to the Susan G. Komen breast cancer organization, while the rest will go to us,” Rush said. “The old Sig Tau class did it before, and it was successful, so I thought it would be a good idea to do again and raise money.

“It’s not your standard Sheetz fundraiser or (collecting canned donations),” Rush said.

Fraternity member Drake Watters said he thought the fundraiser went well.

“We basically grinded on girls for money. I had so much fun, and I won the trophy for raising the most money,” Watters said.

“The only downfall was when I had to wash the baby oil off. That was difficult. It kept getting in my eyes.”

Fraternity member Ryan Coulter said he thought fraternity members did a good job running the fundraiser.

“It felt like a legitimate strip club, with the stage, runway and baby oil,” Coulter said. “I had a lot money tucked into my underwear.”

Watters said the only problem came between songs.

“It was difficult getting changed in between dances and then getting ready for your next song to come on,” Watters said.

“Also, so many people pinched my butt, so that hurt, too. I kept wondering if this is what girls feel like sometimes.”

Coulter said about half of the fraternity danced in the fundraiser.

“Raining men was definitely the best song,” Coulter said. “All of the guys were out there, up on stage, dancing.”

Fraternity member Eric Claycomb said he ended up on stage at least four times.
“I just kept getting pulled up after my first two songs,” Claycomb said. “I even had my captain America boxers on.”

Rush said house manager Tj Rohrabaugh did a great job running the event.

“He made sure the dancers were ready and rounded up everyone before they were about to go on.”

Rush said fraternity members hope to have another fundraising event like this.

“Initially we chose the Susan G. Komen organization to go along with October being breast cancer awareness month, but we will probably stick with donating to them if we have another event like this,” Rush said.

“We’re hoping to have it every semester, if not at least every year.”