Student complaint wall set for implementation

Student complaint wall set for implementation

A Student Government Association complaint board (left) is posted outside of the Student Government office, 162 Student Union. Students can write concerns there

Brianne Fleming, Copy Editor

The chance has come for Pitt-Johnstown students to publicly voice their complaints about campus issues to the Student Government Association.

The complaint board, or “Wail on the Wall,” is a poster board displayed on the window outside the Student Government Association office in room 162 Student Union upon which students can write their complaints.

Student Government Association Secretary Alexis Prusick said she thought of the wall idea last year.

“Josh Beck and I ran with it as our individual initiative,” she said.

Prusick said all complaints go to a Student Affairs and the Campus Development Committee.

“We seem to be getting pretty positive feedback from students,” Prusick said. “We are here to make campus better for all, and it starts with knowing what the problems are.”

Prusick said a common challenge faced by Student Government Association members is hearing individual voices in the student body.

“I thought this would be a good outlet for (student opinions),” said Prusick.

Student Government Association President Cliff Maloney said there is a procedure behind every complaint they receive. Members are broken down into different committees, each of which is assigned to certain campus responsibilities.

“This is also spreading power throughout SGA,” Maloney said. “Everyone else should have just as much say as I do.”

There are eight committees total, and each senator serves on one committee, Maloney said.

The committee debates an issue and votes to either pursue the matter or to drop it. Committee members then report back to Student Government Association about whether to follow through with the complaint.

Maloney said committees deliberate whether the change being discussed is in the student body’s best interest. Organization members can also appeal if they disagree with the committee’s final decision.

Maloney said any obtainable and reasonable complaint will be taken into consideration by student organization members.

“Anyone can write any complaint they want,” Maloney said. “Any means possible to hear student complaints is a good thing.”