Gamers heed Call of Duty

Andy Hsiao Chung, News Editor

Luke Trotz complained while untangling an intricate knot of Xbox and computer-cords just taken out of a long-forgotten box.

It was only 10 minutes till seven; Trotz, along with his Delta Chi brothers, rushed to set up for a Call of Duty: Modern Warfare tournament, advertised to begin at seven.

Some were carrying monitors, while some had already been seated in front of theirs, setting up the game.

People arrived and sat on lobby platforms in an area that is a dance floor for weekend parties, patiently waiting as the Delta Chi brothers to shamble their way through a stockpile of boxes and cords.

Delta Chi Brother Mike Deasy, the mastermind behind the event, came through the door to find himself amidst commotion.

“Hey Dease,” a sitting man asked, “How much does the winning team get?”

“A million dollars,” replied Deasy sarcastically. “On the house.”

Each team had to pay a $20 sign-up fee, which the top two winning teams would win all of.

There were five teams, each with two team members.

“We advertised it as a fundraiser (for Delta Chi) originally, but we didn’t keep the money, and instead paid out to the winners,” said Deasy.

Deasy said they are currently in talks with Gamestop for another tournament, in which Black Ops 2, the latest installment of the Call of Duty video games, will be the center piece.

He also said he hopes the next tournament to not be campus-only, but to become community wide.

The tournament ended amidst virtual gunfire cries, with the two final winning teams – both comprised of Delta Chi brothers – taking home the prizes.

Deasy expects more participants in the future. He also said the lower turnout number was due to a lack of advertising effort.

However, Deasy  is still striving for better.

“I like doing things like this, it’s fun.” He said.