Stolen cart fines no laughing matter

Brianne Fleming, Staff Writer

As Pitt-Johnstown students go about their day roaming around campus, they are accompanied by golf carts zipping by. Some students may even wonder what it would be like to take one for a spin.

However, maintenance workers recommend anyone to think twice before hopping on one for a joy ride.

Campus custodial worker and former maintenance man Wally Custer said he recalls an incident about a year ago where his cart was stolen in front of the freshman dorms.

“I came outside to get some tools, and I saw my cart outside by Laurel,” said Custer. “And it was still going.”

According to Custer, another  maintenance worker caught a student who took the cart and held them until campus police arrived.

“The kids on the porch were laughing their butts off,” said Custer. “They had heard from their resident assistant that it was just a $25 fine.”

Custer said he has heard from more than a few people that the fine for stealing a golf cart is a minor punishment.

“It ended up being a $300 fine for disorderly conduct.”

Custer said he also recalls an incident a few years back where a golf cart was taken over the ski slope.

“Tools were scattered everywhere.”

Although campus police said they are unaware of an incident similar to these as of recently, senior Dan Hrovath said he recalls hearing about one his freshman year.

“I just remember hearing about someone stealing a golf cart,” said Hrovath.

Hrovath said he also remembers hearing the student was being threatened with an auto theft charge.

Taking a golf cart for a fun spin could end up resulting in more trouble than a student bargains for.

Associate Chief of Campus Police Sergeant Eric Zangaglia clarified that the consequences for stealing a golf cart are serious.

Zangaglia said the student will be charged with motor vehicle theft if caught stealing a golf cart.

“The student can even face jail time.”