Job hunters can ease search online

Keith Hartman, Copy Editor

Symplicity, a new Web program endorsed by Career Services counselors, is now available to all Pitt-Johnstown students and alumni.

Students received an e-mail Feb. 1 containing their name and password.

The program offers job and internship search options, resume-building and job-fair notifications to students.

The website directs the user to upload a resume, which is forwarded to career counselors.

Counselors look over the resumes and send feedback to the student and approve the resume to be seen by companies connected to Symplicity.

Feedback includes fixing typographical errors, making the document one page or making it stronger for the position for which the student is applying.

Director of Career Services D. Renee Patchin has been working with the Symplicity program since it became available.

“Students can use it to search for jobs, internships and volunteering. Students will even be able to use it to search for job shadowing in the future,” said Patchin.

It doesn’t search through just one system, either. Symplicity links up to other databases and grants access to paid services like Internships-USA for free.

Events like career fairs, workshops and informational seminars are easily tracked and signed-up for through the program.

Symplicity also offers to publish students’ resumes in an online book that companies can look through for prospective employees.

“It’s not uncommon for companies to contact us looking for student resumes. For example, I’ve had engineering companies contact me, and I’ve forwarded them the appropriate resumes.

“This just makes it easier to be seen by the companies that are looking for new employees,” said Patchin.

The program offers a resume-builder, but Patchin said he recommends students write them without it for the experience to get comfortable with writing one.

Career counselors like Allison Austin are available to aid students in writing their resumes.

“A resume is a working document, and it can always get better,” said Austin.

Students can be apprehensive about writing a resume and it can cause a lot of stress but they aim to make things as easy as possible at Career Services, said Austin.

“We want to try to take the anxiety out of building a resume. I just ask the right questions to look for buzz words to try and adapt the resume for the job you want,” said Austin.