End draws near, senioritis settles in

Brianne Fleming, Staff Writer

With senioritis lurking on campus, some about to graduate seem to lack incentive during their last few weeks at UPJ.

Some seniors have been modeling their regalia now that a deadline has passed to purchase mortarboard hats and gowns.

Others can repeat advice to hang the gown in shower humidity a few days before graduation.

Senior communications major Adara Cohen said that, with four weeks left before graduating and a summer at the beach waiting, she lacks the motivation she wishes she had.

“Being in school for this long has drained me.”

Cohen said she finds it hard to focus.

“I’m excited to spend my last summer working at the beach with friends before I have to enter the adult world.”

Some seniors, however, are finding leaving UPJ may be bittersweet.

Senior geology major Corey Kelly said he will miss being able to see the friends he made here every day.

After going on a job interview and sending out applications, Kelly said he is eager to move on to the next phase of his life.

“At this point I have very little motivation at all,” said Kelly. “Knowing I’ll finally be done soon keeps me going.”

Like Kelly, biology major Colleen Maguire said she finds it harder to stay dedicated, having only a few weeks left. With a demanding major and difficult classes, she struggles to keep her mind on the tough work remaining.

“It’s getting harder to focus, but I can’t slack off because every assignment still counts for my grades.”

Maguire said she plans to attend graduate school in the fall after spending her summer working as a lifeguard but said she values her time spent at UPJ.

“I won’t forget the memories and wonderful people that I met along the way.”