Twitter, a useful tool

Vivian Chen Liyi, Staff Writer

While many Pitt-Johnstown students have been using Facebook and Twitter to interact with friends, not many are using them as a tool for career- searching.

Pitt-Johnstown Career Services Director Renee Patchin has encouraged students to use social media to aid their internship and career searches.

“They (students) really need to have a Twitter account and make it representative to who they are and what they do,” said Patchin.

Patchin encouraged students to make their Twitter account professional and to follow the companies or people in related professions to create a strong social presence online.

According to Patchin, a Twitter account enables students to get updated information from recruiters because companies and corporate recruiters are using Twitter to promote their companies and job openings.

Many companies are posting their information on Twitter in addition to traditional methods.

“Now recruiters are expecting students to use Twitter effectively,” said Patchin.

“Facebook is a group of people who you are already friends with. Twitter is where you make friends with and start following people who you want to become friends with. Your network is going to continue growing.”

Patchin said Twitter enables students to know the companies’ reputation online; it also allows students to keep up with what companies are doing before interviews and see who the competition is by seeing the companies’ followers.

She also suggested students to start a LinkedIn account.

“If you use it just for part of your professional profile, you can start a LinkedIn account. You can also have your Facebook account, Twitter account and LinkedIn account connected, so people can watch it for your professional social identity as well.”

Pitt-Johnstown Twitter account (@Jcareer) has existed for over a year, but Patchin said students may not be using it, and she wanted them to be aware of its existence.

“When we get a new position, we are going to have it tweeted.”

Patchin said students can stop by or they can log in to their Career Services or Symplicity account and look for these positions.

“By following companies and companies in return following us, they could start to see our students’ profiles.”