Jazzman’s expansion a possibility


Andy Hsiao Chung, Staff Writer

Having just journeyed through a chilling morning breeze, a crowd of students stumbles into Biddle Hall — the smell of caramel and hazelnut greets them at it, makes its way to each dozy passerby.

Jazzman’s Café is a destination, serving many either their daily dose of caffeine, or a mere sleep-awakening goodness.

The Biddle lobby location may be the reason for a sixfold sales increase over Jazzman’s former Living/Living Center site according to Sodexo Manager Paula Bloom.

Sodexo managers intended to look for other academic building locations.

“We have, for years, tried to get a location in (academic) buildings,” Bloom said, “because it is so much more convenient for the students.

“There are a lot of things in the works, but it’s difficult; we have to go through Pitt-Oakland to get things approved first.”

Bloom also said that installing a Biddle Hall venue has been in talks for years, even prior Jazzman’s initial move from the Student Union to the LLC.

“We are looking to do something along those lines (at other academic buildings). I don’t know if it would be coffee, but there has just been other things we have been thinking – trying to figure out what would work.”

Jazzman’s smell of fresh brewed coffee has now become a distinctive part of Biddle Hall.

Freshman Shanna Moore, an avid Jazzman’s patron, says she would like to see Krebs Hall become a venue.

“Probably another place for coffee,” she said.

Bloom said Sodexo managers are looking  at options.

“Whatever makes it more convenient for the student, that’s what we are looking at.”