Bloomfield guard dispenses safety, advice


Bloomfield Apartments security guard Edward Wellds patrols outside on a snowy night.

Trevor Monk, Staff Writer

Pitt-Johnstown students living off campus find comfort and security in Bloomfield Apartments’ security guard.

During the peak weekend party hours, Edward L. Wellds throws on his Corporate Security jacket and patrols the apartments property.

Wellds has intermittently been employed as a security guard for 19 years. In July, while attending Thunder in the Valley, Wellds started his career with Corporate Security.

When Wellds isn’t securing Bloomfield, he keeps guard at Giant Eagle in Johnstown’s West End, Sunday through Wednesday.

Bloomfield Apartments Manager Michael McKool said that, for a few years, they have been using Corporate Security to find guards.

“Ed’s job is to break up all parties.”

According to Mckool, Wellds is one of the better guards they have seen and  residents have taken to him.

Wellds said he likes the Bloomfield post; it is not a job you get burnt out in.

“I am here every weekend from, 10 p.m. to 3 a.m. no matter what,” Wellds said.

Wellds secures three buildings with a mix of college students and nonstudents.

“In my line of work, it’s lives first, property second.”

Wellds said that when he is patrolling, he smells for things that he shouldn’t be smelling, he listens for things he shouldn’t be hearing and he looks out.

“I look for people in the hallways doing things they should not be doing, from drinking beer, to smoking weed, to people punching holes in walls.

“Until I leave here at 3 o’clock, it’s either my way or get off the bricks. I don’t want to be out here as a tough guy because I have a badge, but I do believe in doing my job.”

But while Wellds patrols, students have found intrigue in his amusing humor and life stories.

Bloomfield resident, senior Carly Restano, said the numerous conversations she has had with Wellds are enlightening due to his witty anecdotes and his outlook on life.

Resatano said any time she has talks with Wellds, it is a learning experience.

Sophomore Bloomfield resident Matthew Grimes said he approves of Wellds.

“He knows how to make someone laugh.”

Wellds said he has a lot of experience to offer students at the apartments.

“I am 51 years old and I have seen and I have witnessed some things in my life, and, if I can share and shed some light on some stuff to make someone else’s life a little bit better, I have done my good deed.”

He said the one thing that hurt him the most was not going to college.

“I had a four-year scholarship and, instead, I decided to go out to the clubs and party instead.”

Wellds said the best part about security is meeting people and not getting dirty.

“I mean, if you get dirty in security, something’s wrong. You’d better be getting a damn good pay. I like that, you stay professionally clean.”

Wellds said he would like to continue his work at Bloomfield for years to come.