Pepsi loses its fizz for some customers

Andy Hsiao Chung, Staff Writer

It is growing late as biology major Shoja Rahimian shuffles toward a Pepsi vending machine. He is anxious and uncertain what to expect as he gouges his pockets for change. Every drop from the machine is a gamble, but a risk that Rahimian is willing to take.

“Expired again,” Rahimian thought as he examines the miniature numbers printed on the bottle cap.

Rahimian is not the only Pitt-Johnstown student who has experienced problems with expired bottle sodas from campus Pepsi vending machines.

“I used a vending machine in the Engineering and Science building twice during the span of two weeks,” says Rahimian, “and received two expired Pepsis.”

Rahimian said also that one of the times he had received a Pepsi that was eight months old.

“I called Pepsi to tell them about it, and the representative I spoke to seemed concerned as the vending machines should be checked every time they are refilled.

“He said I would be reimbursed in a way of coupons, though I have yet to receive anything as of today.”

The Conference Center, in the UPJ Living and Learning Center, whose workers also manage campus laundry machines, handle most of the vending machines, too.

However, according to Conference Center employee Justin Ramsdorfer, Pepsi machines are managed directly by Pepsi Bottling Co., along Industrial Park Drive.

Pepsi Service Manager Tim Koch says that 12 machines are refilled on campus weekly.

Koch asserted also he is concerned with this issue, and customers who have purchased expired products should call the plant’s phone number and request reimbursement.

A Pepsi representative says that they are currently waiting on printed valid coupons for the new year, and that vouchers received last year are now expired.