Overwhelmed? No Pony, no problem


Kate Lauf serves a drink at the Hometown Bar and Grill along Scalp Avenue.

Sean Sauro, Staff Writer

As sounds of books shutting and bags zipping fill the air, a silent sigh of relief is uttered by many completing another strenuous week of classes. Thank God it’s Friday.

For many students of legal age, there is no better way to shake off the stresses of the week than having a drink or two at a local bar.

The concept of college students spending time at a bar comes as no surprise, but where are the popular places Pitt Johnstown students go?

Since the closing of the Pony Lounge last year, many students relocated to a new hangout.

Engineering major Emily Cernic said she has been to the Hometown Bar and Grill many times. She explained that the prices were reasonable and that there were always friendly young people to meet.

“The only bad thing is, sometimes it gets so crowded it is hard to find a place to sit or stand.”

Hometown’s Bar Manager Garett Herbert, said that they see more business during the students’ fall and spring semesters. He also said that, for the most part, his experiences with Pitt-Johnstown students were positive.

“College kids usually don’t start fights.”

In addition to the Hometown, several students mentioned spending time at the Woodside Bar and Grill along Highland Park Road.

Accounting major Nick Eidem said that he has been spending a lot of time at the Woodside Bar and Grill. He seemed to be attracted to the place for numerous reasons including the moderate price, spacious environment and pool table.

“I went to the Pony a few times while it was open, but Woodside is much better. It’s just nice to have somewhere new to go.”

Owner of the Woodside Bar and Grill Robert Barmoy said that, though his bar opened on Dec. 14, 2011, he is just now starting to see college students filter in. He said he would like to see more.

“We are talking about doing a college night once a week.”

Though it is just in the works, this college night would include a disc jockey.