After Owen closes, some studiers migrate

Trevor Monk, Staff Writer

UPJ’s Owen Library provides students a place to converge and study, but other students have found other campus study niches that fulfill the needs for later study opportunities.

During the day and into the evening, students looking for a place to study find refuge from distraction in Owen Library.

This is not the case for all students.

The late-night operating hours of Blackington Hall’s 24/7 computer lab and the Engineering and Science Building lounge have provided a setting for students to take part in an academic nightlife.

UPJ’s engineering students and students with nocturnal study habits flock to these academic buildings.

Junior engineering major Josh Miller said he utilizes the Engineering and Science lounge most nights.

Miller said, throughout the day, engineering and chemistry students populate the E&S building even when not attending class.

“It’s nice to come here because professors are a step away and their doors are always open to students.”

Miller said, although there are only a few students there most nights, during finals and when labs or projects are due, the engineering lounge and computer labs are filled with students.

“After the professors leave, it’s nice to have the other students there to bounce ideas and questions around.”

Stephanie Bunich, UPJ’s American Society of Civil Engineers’ president, said when campus police cooperate, the E&S building can stay open until 2 or 3 a.m.

On Wednesday night Miller said he would stay in the lounge until 12:30 a.m.

Bunich said she is looking to fill the American Society of Civil Engineers lounge director chair to maintain the lounge.

While engineering students operate in the E&S building, Blackington Hall is home to late-night and early-morning students seeking to study.

Ian Brower, sophomore and Blackington lab attendant, said students usually go to Blackington after the library closes and that he notices a large increase in student numbers during midterms and finals week.

“Any other time, students leave around 1 a.m.”

Emily McGaha said, anytime she thinks about studying she goes immediately to Blackington.

“I pretty much lived in Blackington last semester, one week I was here everyday until 4 a.m.”

McGaha said Blackington Hall provides enough space for her thoughts, and ideas flow with greater ease.

“I can’t work in the library. It is loud and it feels like I am a caged animal in the library’s cubicles.”

McGaha said she gets to study the way she wants to in Blackington, and has made friends with those who share the same study habits.