Idle razors raise awareness

Lauren Collins, Features Editor

“No Shave November” may be becoming a more widely recognized prostate cancer awareness event.

The rules are simple: 1.) Start Nov. 1 with a clean-shaven face; 2.) Do not shave for the entire month; 3.) Resume regular hygiene routines Dec. 1 (optional).

There is a Facebook page dedicated to the event where participants can upload photos of their progress.

Pitt-Johnstown’s Josh Haubrich said he is going to halt shaving for November and that he can grow a good beard.

“It’s normally not socially acceptable to grow a thick beard, especially if you want to look good.

“November gives that opportunity to those who can (grow beards to do so),” Haubrich said.

He said he uses shampoo to clean his beard and needs to comb it when it gets particularly long.

“My friends love it. They are always encouraging me to grow different facial hairstyles. I often grow a beard or Fu Manchu on request.

“My mom isn’t a huge fan, though. She says I look like a mountain man when I grow a beard.”

Haubrich said he doesn’t know whether he will shave Dec. 1.

“It depends on how annoying (my beard) becomes.

“I have to shave by January anyway because of student teaching,” Haubrich said.

The California State University at Long Beach’s newspaper’s (The Daily49er) Emily Andrews reported that many male participants are unaware of the month’s link to awareness:

“After leaving Breast Cancer Awareness month in October, it is time to show some support for our male counterparts who do so much to fight for the cause,” Andrews said.