Dodge balls hurled for movie freebies

Trevor Monk, Staff Writer

Dodge balls were flying Tuesday in UPJ’s Sports Center during the “Dodge It” dodgeball tournament.

Teams from townhouses and Hemlock Hall hosted the tournament as a joint Housing event that included a team organized from members of the UPJ Flood Frisbee team.

Resident Assistants Marcus McGuire and Cliff Maloney organized the event and said that the winning team would receive free movie tickets.

Townhouses’ RA McGuire said that roughly 40 students attended – five teams in total and eight people per team.

Hemlock Hall Resident Director Kimmy Phillips and RA Amber Emery were the tournament’s referees.

“We helped referee but we like to think of ourselves as more of coaches for the team from Hemlock Hall,” Phillips said.

Of the five teams, UPJ Flood and Wilderness 4 faced off in the best-of-three championship match.

Team UPJ Flood ultimately won the tournament in a one-on-one duel, each team having only one player left on the floor.

Ruff said he didn’t know for sure what movie the team would see with their tickets.

“We’ve got to see what comes out, but I heard a few guys mention ‘Immortals.’  I’d like to wait for ‘Sherlock Holmes,’ myself. “

“We’ll probably go to something as an entire team; we’re a pretty close-knit group.”

Maloney said that he thought the tournament was a success.

“It was a blast. Everyone enjoyed the good, clean competition and shared a bunch of laughs.”