Smoke-Free helps puffers kick habit

Kaitlyne Krinock, Contributing Writer

Smoke-Free for Life is a new, no-fee program offered to Pitt-Johnstown students who want to quit smoking.

Pitt-Johnstown Wellness Center director Katrin Wolfe runs the program and said she takes awareness seriously.

Wolfe said she wants to provide students with information regarding smoking’s risks and give them options to change their lifestyles.

“Failure with the program is not an option. We will work with each individual as they cope with their problems,” Wolfe said.

A total of 12 students signed up for the first Smoke-Free meeting.

Wolfe said that the program offers methods and strategies tailored to each individual, to encourage change.

Senior Brittany Popchak said she has been smoking for four years and that the program is more than just information on why smoking is bad.

“It offers me support. Being in a group with fellow addicts allows me a shoulder to cry on when the going gets tough.”

Wolfe said that she and the participants meet in a group and have a discussion.

Wolfe said she is willing to give any interested students more information.