Blackboard access comes in app form

Trevor Monk, Staff Writer

Whether it is checking CNN’s breaking stories, playing the Angry Birds game or refreshing Facebook news feeds, mobile applications can be a way to entertain or to inform – all with the touch of an icon.

The University of Pittsburgh has climbed on board the application craze and granted students access to the university’s CourseWeb material via Blackboard Mobile Learn.

The mobile version enables students to view Blackboard from their mobile phone.

Users must specify their school and log in with a school username and password.

Once a user is logged in, he or she can view announcements, tasks and grades as well as other course content.

Pitt-Oakland student Daniel Coast said he has used the Blackboard application and was able to view the grades in all of his classes on his iPhone.

“I like it. I am able to access course documents and view PowerPoint notes directly on my phone – during lectures as well,” Coast said.

Pitt-Johnstown sophomore Abraham Burger said he was able to view his computer programming grade with the application.