Angry Birds, zombies leading costume interest

Lauren Collins, Features Editor

Some Pitt-Johnstown students are thinking about the perfect Halloween costume to wear in celebration of the holiday.

Sophomore Katie Sullivan said she already knows what she wants to be.

“I’m going to be an iPod,” she said.

Senior Jackie Francois said that there is no doubt in her mind regarding who she wants to dress as.

“I’m going to be Katy Perry. I love her. She’s my idol,” she said.

Whether students prefer dressing as inanimate objects or famous people, the most important thing is finding a costume.

Some stores are packed with prowling customers, shoving hangers along metal racks and searching for a Halloween outfit.

Jennifer Beahr, an employee at Spirit – the costume store in the Galleria, said that unique costumes seem to be the most popular.

“Everyone likes the angry birds stuff. It wasn’t out last year,” she said.

Angry birds is a popular and addicting game for many smartphone users, so the familiarity is what interests the game’s players.

Beahr said that women seem to gravitate to the sailor costumes more than anything else, but that men are less predictable in costume choice.

Jenna Stahl, employee at Everyday’s A Party along Scalp Avenue, said that she thinks men are interested in the zombie costumes this year.

“The guys like the zombies. Some girls get the zombie bride, too,” she said.

Stahl said that the store didn’t have the zombie costume last year, but said that vampires and witches were popular in 2010.

“This year, women are looking for nurse or policewoman costumes,” Stahl said.

However, Stahl said that the most popular item was a colored body glove. She said that these spandex suits are flying from the racks – especially for guys.

“It’s like a full-body leotard that covers the face, too. It just zippers up. They come in different colors, camouflage and even a tuxedo style.”

Stahl said that she noticed men who weren’t interested in zombies or the spandex suits are gravitating to more human, less costume-y costumes.

“The Charlie Sheen costume is going fast. Men of all ages seem to like that one,” Stahl said.

“We only have one mask, one wig and three hats left.”