Sheetz work equals freebies

Trevor Monk, Staff Writer

The Sheetz along Galleria Drive seems to have had an increase in customers in the past few weeks, and it’s not because the customers need gas.

This particular Sheetz is being renovated and, in an effort to maintain customer satisfaction, Sheetz managers are offering free fountain drinks, coffee and slushies in any size cup.

Renovations began at the end of August. As a result of the work, there are multiple obstacles customers have to overcome.

The obstacles include a temporary decrease in the number of parking spaces, entrances and exits that have been closed off and construction materials cluttering the last of the parking lot’s space.

There is no purchase necessary and no limit to the number of beverages a person can have.

The promotion has been in effect for the past five weeks.

While pouring two cups of coffee, Sasha Peterman and Christy Monnie, Pitt-Johnstown freshmen, said they could not believe they found out about the deal only last Monday.

“We have been getting a drink every night this week,” Peterman said. “I have been getting something different every night.”

“It’s perfect if you have to pull an all-nighter,“ Monnie said.

A Sheetz employee who declined to give her name speculated that the renovations are to be finished at the end of November.

“People don’t seem too upset (about the renovation),” she said. “They go out of their way to come (to this location).”

This promotion is to be offered until the renovations are complete. Monnie said she plans to continue to take advantage of the freebie.