Footfalls to campus can be risky for pedestrians

Trevor Monk, Staff Writer

Rainy weather continues to pose safety issues for College Park Apartments residents who walk to campus and those who do not have access to a shuttle van after 2 p.m.

But the walk for CPA residents to campus may not have to be so dangerous.

CPA resident Ryan Coulter said he walks to campus and does not mind the walk when the weather is nice.

But, during heavy rain, students are not only dealing with the nuisance of having to walk through it, but the worry of having to avoid drivers dealing with slick roads.

Coulter said that when it rains, drivers can’t see pedestrians well, and tend to cut it close.

But the weather conditions students are dealing with now are likely to get worse in winter.

A proposal to install a sidewalk from UPJ to the Richland Town Centre was in development in 2005 by Richland Township supervisors.

But Township Supervisors’ Chairman Melvyn Wingard said it never came to be, due to a lack of funding and zoning issues, but a sidewalk strictly from the CPAs to UPJ would be doable.

Coulter said the installation of a sidewalk would make the walk between campus and the CPAs much safer, and would help with winter weather.

The poor weather conditions are not only affecting students, but some faculty members as well.

Ahmad Massasati, a new geography instructor, says he walks to campus every day to keep in good health.

Massasati agreed that a sidewalk would make the walk to campus easier.

Massasati recommended either a sidewalk or a stone pathway.

“A stone pathway would cut down on the cost,” he said.