Tickets outweigh warnings in campus parking

Erin Fowler, Staff Writer

The menacing orange parking tickets that students dread can now be seen on an increasing number of windshields around campus.

Though there may seem to be an alarming increase in tickets, it is common, according to the campus police associate chief, Eric Zangaglia.

A large number of tickets are issued every year within the first few months of school.

Some students, especially freshmen, may not realize that every vehicle must be registered with campus police and must have a hang tag.

Warnings only are issued within the first two weeks of school; tickets are then issued after Labor Day, with the assumption that people should know the rules by then.

After three tickets, vehicles can be towed. Repeat offenders can face repercussions from their unpaid tickets, including not being able to register for the next semester’s classes and not being able to receive a diploma at graduation.