Gym adds trainers

Erin Fowler, Staff Writer

The University has just hired five new personal trainers to staff the Wellness Center. The trainers are available to students who want a routine that is personalized to lose weight or stay in shape.

Exercise on a one-on-one basis can be less intimidating than group exercise and a personalized routine can maximize results.

The trainers do not work with athletic teams; they are strictly for student use.

More schools are using personal trainers to help students get in shape as part of a movement for healthier lifestyles among students, according to the center’s Website.

However, all of the new personal trainers are men.

But the majority of at least 15 female students said they are comfortable with male trainers.

“Guys would push you harder,” said freshman Kelsey Flint. “They are more focused on working out than (women) are.”

On the contrary, two women said that they are not comforable with an all-male training staff. The two said they would find female trainers much more approachable, relatable and easier to work with.

Students can sign up for personal trainers in the Wellness Center at no cost.