No doggie bags for cafeteria meals

Kelly Cernetich, Editor-in-Chief

Students looking to use cafeteria takeout boxes this semester may be disappointed.

Sodexo General Manager Victor Costlow said he decided to discontinue allowing students to use either provided Styrofoam boxes, or the ill-fated “Eco-Shells” that were introduced last year as an environmentally friendly alternative to throw-away containers.

Costlow reasoned that cafeteria hours are sufficient to allow students time to eat in the cafeteria.

While workers noted that only three to four students per day have been asking about takeout boxes, some students said they feel strongly about not being able to use the service as part of their unlimited, buffet-style meal plan.

“I’m pissed, for sure,” said senior Amy Blanc. “If we pay for a meal plan, what’s the matter with the amount of food we take?

“I could see people stealing silverware, cups or plates . . . but I don’t see how food is an issue.”

Costlow said that, while he would not use the term “stealing,” many students took advantage of the takeout program.

“It’s an all-you-can-eat atmosphere, not an all-you-wish-to-take-out establishment.”

Student senate Foods Chair Evelyn Howley said that, because the committee’s first meeting didn’t take place until last Friday Costlow was unable to discuss the decision with them.

Howley added that she didn’t believe students were taking advantage of the takeout program.

“I don’t think people should be able (to eat whatever they want) then take food back to their rooms,” she said.

Howley said interested students can attend the next Foods Committee meeting with Costlow, which is to take place this Friday outside the Mountain Cat Club.

“I can bring up (the issue) and ask for it back at (the meeting),” Howley said.

Freshman Zack Zubek said he would have liked the opportunity to use takeout boxes.

“We pay for it. It’s so many thousands of dollars for an unlimited meal plan,” he said. “And (the cafeteria) isn’t open all of the time, either.”

While Costlow said he would consider re-implementing takeout boxes, he made no promises that students would have a means to eat outside the cafeteria.